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Tri-Stack Fume Exhaust System

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Strobic Air Tri-Stack® laboratory and industrial process fume exhaust systems are practical, cost-effective and energy efficient solutions for pollution abatement, reentrainment and odor control problems. Tri-Stack® exhaust fans and systems are used at thousands of facilities, serving as direct replacements for conventional centrifugal exhaust fans which are usually associated with tall, unsightly stacks. Lightweight, modular construction, low profile design, maintenance-free operation, low noise levels, and lower operating costs make Tri-Stack® the system of choice.

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  • Prevent re-entrainment
  • Eliminate odor
  • Reduce noise at the property line
  • Comply with architectural/aesthetic ordinances
  • Lower energy costs


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- Why Choose Tri-Stack®

- Principles of Operation

- Model & Specifications

- Options

All safety critical exhaust systems including:

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  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories
  • Government facilities
  • Research facilities
  • Heat recovery system
  • Hospital/infirmary isolation rooms
  • Correction facilities
  • Hydrocarbon processing plants
  • Wastewater/sewage treatment plants
  • Industrial solvents
  • Food processing/preparation facilities
  • Diesel generator exhaust
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