University Laboratory Ventilation Exhaust Fan

Tri-Stack® laboratory fume hood exhaust systems systems at the University of Notre Dame’s South Bend, Indiana Galvin Laboratory Complex prevent re-entrainment of laboratory workstation fume hood exhaust into the building’s ventilation air intakes. Studies to determine the fans’ influence on noise levels around the building were performed prior to installation. UND’s facilities managers did not want the mechanical sound of any exhaust fan to be heard within the building, or in the pedestrian and mall areas adjacent to it.


The University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM) installed Tri-Stack® fume exhaust ventilation systems in its new ten-story, 400,000 sq.ft. laboratory building for its Science Campus. Tri-Stack® systems serve 150 individual laboratory workstations using a variety of chemicals and materials, some of which are corrosive and noxious. Considerations for using Tri-Stack® laboratory fume exhaust systems included prevention of re-entrainment and elimination of tall exhaust roof stacks.


At Stanford University’s Keck Science Building, Palo Alto, California, eight Tri-Stack® exhaust fans replaced 12 centrifugal fans for added performance and energy savings. The Tri-Stack® exhaust fans are set in “quads,” with each quad containing one operating fan and one standby; each fan provides approximately 25,000 CFM. New Strobic Air acoustical silencer nozzles are incorporated on four of the fans, with plans to retrofit the others as well.

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