Strobic Air Technologies fan systems were created as a custom engineered solution to meet the exacting specifications of owners trying to solve a specific problem. By doing so, we created an industry that we continue to lead.

We have a talented team of engineers that specialize in custom engineered solutions. Whether it is a penthouse fan application, demanding site conditions or unique installation challenges, our team of highly skilled engineers are ready to develop a solution to suit your specific application.

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S.A.F.E. Controller

Our industry unique patented S.A.F.E. controller (Strobic Air Fan & Energy Optimizing) controls packages are programmed and tailored specifically for your fan system. With updated algorithms, and the latest hardware and software, these systems are able to maximize your energy savings while keeping your facility and neighborhood safe. The S.A.F.E. controller stands alone in the industry as the only complete controls package that uses fan curves and algorithms and other inputs to actively maximize your energy savings while keeping your facility and your neighbors safe.

Energy Recovery Systems

Unique glycol / water heat exchanger coil modules for Tri-Strack® exhaust systems offer a safe way to extract exhaust heat for heating (or cooling) conditioned make up air. These systems are environmentally friendly and, in most cases, offer significant energy cost reduction.

HEPA Filtration Systems

HEPA filtration systems are available for special medical / pharmaceutical applications such as isolation room and quarantine exhaust, Level4 safety labs, or similar applications.

Acoustical Silencer Nozzles

Our patented acoustical silencer nozzle is unique in the industry. With this product we can offer up to 12 dBa sound attention without adding height to the fan system. We are currently the only company that can offer an attention solution of 10 dBa or better without adding height.

UL 762 Rated Restaurant Grease Exhaust Fan Systems

We offer an all steel version of the Tri-Stack® exhaust system that has been adapted to and tested by UL for restaurant grease exhaust. It incorporates a sloped floor in the plenum, a high temperature coating on an all steel design and conforms to NFPA Standard 96 for restaurant applications.

Diesel Generator Exhaust Fan Systems

We have adapted the Tri-Stack® exhaust system to help facilities that have back up diesel generators mitigate the effects of the exhaust from those units. The CDC has declared raw diesel exhaust to be a carcinogen. This system is designed to achieve a high rate of dilution to make diesel exhaust safe.

Perchloric Acid Fan Systems

  • 2-Stage, 5 to 1 Dilution within Fan
  • High Plume Discharge
  • Easy Installation
  • Low Maintenance Requirements
  • Outside Air Bypass without the use of Dampers
  • No Tall Stacks with Guy Wires or Pitch Pockets
  • Dilution occurs within the fan unit eliminating the risk of perchloric crystal build-up in the roof base structure.
  • Integrated spray nozzles and piping with single point water connection

Custom Colors & Coatings

Our standard coating is an industry leading 10 mil high-solid epoxy coating which will withstand many harsh environments. We do offer upgraded coatings as well for the very harshest environments. We can also offer a range of custom colors to suit the owner needs.

Custom Designs and Bespoke Solutions

We have a highly skilled engineering team that is skilled and prepared to tackle just about any application that you can come up with. From harsh environments to indoor application to light weight designs, we can design a solution for just about any application you can dream up. Tell us about your project!