Strobic Air offers a number of useful options for Tri-Stack® fans including systems to reduce energy consumption, provide even quieter operation through higher sound attenuation, and many special construction materials and/or coatings to accommodate unusual applications such as operation in acidic, caustic and high temperature environments.

HEPA Filtration Systems
For special medical/pharmaceutical applications such as isolation room and quarantine room exhaust, Level 4 safety laboratories, or similar applications, bag in/bag out HEPA filtration systems are available for Tri-Stack® systems.





entilation Heat Recovery SystemVentilation Heat Recovery Systems
Heat recovery ventilation systems by Strobic Air provide energy conservation on laboratory fume hood exhaust systems. Tri-Stack® heat exchanger coils extract exhaust heat for heating or cooling conditioned makeup air thus drastically lowering energy costs for a savings of thousands – or hundreds of thousands – of dollars per year.




Acoustical Silencer Nozzle
Acoustical Silencer Nozzles
Acoustical silencer nozzles for Tri-Stack® systems attenuate up to 12 dBa for quieter operation in particularly noise sensitive areas. Low profile design is unobtrusive, enhancing roofline aesthetics without affecting fan performance. Acoustical silencer nozzles may be retrofitted onto existing Tri-Stack® fans quickly and conveniently.




Corrosion Resistant Exhaust Fan

Corrosion Resistant Exhaust Fans for Harsh Environments
Tri-Stack® fans are also available with special materials of construction and/or coatings for use in caustic, corrosive and other severe environments (such as chemical processing, plating and wastewater treatment facilities) where they may be exposed to nitric acid, fluorides, sulfuric acids and other high concentrations of caustic exhaust components.




High Temperature Exhaust Fan

Exhaust Fans for High Temperature Environments
Tri-Stack® ventilation fans are also available in rigid steel construction for many high temperature applications such as emergency diesel generator, furnace or boiler room exhaust. Tri-Stack® high temperature exhaust fans are UL certified for operation at 750°F for up to 2 hours without the need for outside air dilution, and incorporate chemical resistant high temperature coatings. A brass rub ring on the inlet bell conforms to AMCA "C" spark resistance specifications.

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