Consider These Outstanding Advantages Offered by Tri-Stack® Fans and Ventilation Systems

Tri-Stack Ventilation Exhaust Fan and System

Prevent re-entrainment
Tri-Stack® fume exhaust systems send a vertical “jet plume” of diluted exhaust gas up to 350’ high, providing atmospheric disbursement and preventing exhaust from re-entering the facility through fresh air supply ventilation systems, doors, and windows.

Eliminate odor
The dilution capabilities of Tri-Stack® exhaust fans (up to 170% of free outside air is introduced into the airstream above the roof), effectively eliminate odors, preventing them from entering the facility and neighboring buildings.

Reduce noise at the property line
Tri-Stack® systems are inherently quiet. Direct drive motors are quieter than centrifugal fans with belts and pulleys; high efficiency operation permits use of smaller horsepower motors; more efficient blade design contributes to quieter operation. In the event that noise is a problem, Strobic Air offers a number of noise attenuation accessories.

Comply with architectural/aesthetic ordinances
Low profile Tri-Stack® systems are often not even visible from the property line. As a result, problems associated with tall, unsightly stacks – including the perception of exhausting polluted air in the neighborhood – are eliminated with Tri-Stack® systems. Since many communities have strict ordinances governing height of building exhaust roof stacks, Tri-Stack® ventilation fans and fume exhaust systems are ideal for code compliance in virtually all cases.

Lower energy costs
Direct drive motors in Tri-Stack® fans use substantially less energy per horsepower than comparable belt driven motors. Combined with mixed flow impeller design energy consumption is minimized. Based on current energy costs, a typical Tri-Stack® fume exhaust system can provide a return on investment (ROI) in less than two years. In addition, for applications that require conditioned makeup air, Strobic Air offers accessory heat exchanger systems that can significantly reduce energy costs.

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